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Flexible tanks for Aerospace and Aeronautical use

Flexible tanks allow for safe containment of fuel, avoiding issues related to vibrations that inevitably stress aircraft structures, both during flight and landing. These tanks can be given crash-resistant features to ensure the survival of the crew and passengers in the event of an accidental crash. Self-sealing applications allow the fuel to be retained even if the tank is hit by bullets.

Merin produces flexible tanks for aeronautical use in both civil and military fields. These are typically custom-made according to the client's design. Our tanks can be of various types:

  • flexible
  • shock-resistant
  • self-sealing

and can be used with all fuels currently in use: MOGAS AVGAS JP1 JP8 and others. Special executions can be made for fuels containing alcohol, ethanol, methanol, hydrazine, propane, and biofuels.
Merin's quality system is certified AS/EN 9100-2018, and we can produce tanks for airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, RUAS, missiles, and jetpacks.

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    Completely collapsible tanks for easy installation and removal.
    Manufactured from 3D models (CATIA, AUTOCAD, INVENTOR, RHINO) in any shape and size.
    Possibility of complete supply with accessories such as: filler cap, drain and ventilation valve, filters, surge tank, hangars, bulkheads, anti-explosion foam.


    • AIRBUS


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