SFT / 1633 Safety fuel cell for BMW E30 (historical car)

Accessori inclusi:

  • Internal Safety FOAM
  • closure plate
  • external catch tank
  • no. 2 low pressure pumps and hose connection
  • swirl pot on the bottom
  • fitting dash 8 for pick-up, dash 6 for return
  • anti-rollover vent valve
  • level sensor and gauge
  • electrical connector

SFT / 1633
only the bladder fuel tank
plus explosion suppressant foam
SFT / 1633.AC
bladder fuel tank
with explosion suppressant foam plus accessories as listed below
SFT / 1633.CPL
bladder fuel tank
with explosion suppressant foam, accessories as listed below
plus the following fuel system:

  • supports for no. 2 pumps
  • no. 2 fuel rails
  • no. 2 HP 044 Bosch fuel pumps
  • fuel filter
  • hose from catch tank to fuel rail
  • adaptors and fittings for hose connections – aluminum cover
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